Custom clearance 

 All goods meant for import and export either it is under import/export duty or otherwise must be declared in writing in the respective forms; customs form No 1 for imported goods and customs form No 2 for exported goods. Declaration forms must be filled in detail including providing true information regarding the number, description of packages/crates, value, weight, quantity and type of goods. The origin of the goods will also need to be informed. This applies for goods meant for exports as well where the final destination of the goods is notified. Completed Custom forms will need to be submitted to Customs offices at the place where the goods are to be imported or exported.


Under the provision of the Customs Act 1967, importers and exporters are allowed to appoint any agents to act on their behalf with the condition that the agents had been given the approval by the Customs Director General for customs clearance duties. Application for legal agents will need to be given to the customs office at the location where the goods are to be imported or exported.
Separate approvals are not necessary to manage customs clearance duties for each customs office. For example; if approval has been given to manage customs clearance duties in Johor Bahru; this means that the same approval can be applied to all customs clearance offices in the country on the condition that the state Customs Director has been informed.

  Information - Jabatan Kastam Diraja Malaysia
  • Malaysia Customs Documentation
- Kastam Form 1 (Import)
- Kastam Form 2 (Export)
- Kastam Form 9 

  • Singapore Customs Clearance
-Singapore clearance permit (GST)
-Singapore Inward /outward permit 
-Singapore Transhipment permit 


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