Thursday, February 9, 2012

A more efficient and safe way of transporting cargo

The transportation of cargo within and outside Malaysia has moved to the next level with the successful implementation of the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) security and trade facilitation system at Royal Malaysian Customs’ checkpoints nationwide.
Launched on 26 September in Penang, this home-grown RFID system will be implemented in stages at more than 200 customs checkpoints and 600 high-value bonded warehouses nationwide.
Containers entering, leaving, and moving within the country will be tracked under the RFID system based on the ISO18186:2010 and GS1 EPC global EPCIS standards. The reusable RFID Seal affixed to containers are scanned by RFID readers set up at locations to retrieve the container information and users will be able to identify automatically the container’s movement.
This cost-effective system is also expected to reduce the time taken for customs clearance by 50 percent as well as enable the automatic detection of compromised or tampered containers. Thus facilitating secure and faster trade for users.
The system has received the thumbs-up by the industry and users such as the Air Freight Association of Malaysia, TNT Malaysia, DHL Malaysia amongst others.

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