Monday, November 12, 2012

Malaysian customs officers seize drugs worth $290,000 at KLIA

SEPANG - A novel way of smuggling drugs into the country was discovered when the authorities seized more than 2,500 pieces of keychains which were stuffed with amphetamines at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) Free Zone Area recently.

Each keychain contained an average of four grammes of drugs.

The total weight of the drugs found was 7.25kg and its worth about RM725,000 (S$290,000).

KLIA Customs Department director Badaruddin Mohamed Rafik said the keychains arrived in two containers from Madras, India, on Oct 15.

Following a tip-off two weeks later, Customs officers checked a warehouse and found the keychains.

"Each keychain contained a small cloth pouch. The drugs, which were in the form of a crystal-like substance, were packed into the pouch.

"The pouch was then sandwiched in between two small aluminium plates," said Badaruddin, adding that aluminium plates were used as the drugs could not be detected through the scanners.

The keychains were in boxes with "Mofaz Motorsikal Sdn Bhd" printed on them.

The recipient of the boxes was from Cheras.

However, the boxes of keychains were left unclaimed in the warehouse for two weeks before the authorities seized them.

In an unrelated case, Badaruddin also said that the KLIA Customs department had arrested 58 drug traffickers and seized drugs worth RM30.8 million so far this year.

Most of those arrested were Nigerians and Indians.

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Such accused should be punished very harshly and thus setting an example for others who are planning to do the same, for them to think the cause of their act if they were to be held transporting or dealing shoud be....

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